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art director, designer,
content creator, photographer &
bff who brings champagne

art director, designer,
content creator, & bff
who brings champagne


OK, so you’ve scrolled through my site, seen my work, and now you’re probably wondering:‘Is this someone I could go grab a beer with?’
Well, pick me up at 5 because I could use a nice cold Modelo.

I grew up in a completely different America than my peers. Born & raised in the vibrant Cuban culture of Miami, my mornings weren’t filled with pancakes and eggs, but rather with croquetas, pastelitos, and the strong smell of Cuban coffee. As a first generation American & college graduate, there was no clear pathway to success. However, something I learned from my latin heritage is that as long as I continue to have a fighting spirit, there is nothing I can't achieve. 

Saying that my dream is reaching my ultimate potential as a creative is an understatement. I've got something to prove. Apparently, there’s a nasty little rumor going around that only 2% of Creative Directors are Hispanic women. But hey, I'm no stranger to a battle uphill.

So let's grab that beer and make some history. 

To be the stupidest person in the room. 

My life goal is:

An interior designer, like Kelly Wearstler.

if I wasn’t an art director I would be:

Chicken tenders, specifically from Disney World. 

if I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be: 

Mimosas, on a Sunday.

my drink of choice:

80s Freestyle, again on
a Sunday.

my guilty Playlist: 

RuPauls Drag Race, my favorite queen is Shea Coulee. 

most likely to binge watch: 

My family.

What motivates me:

Bold, like a shot of
Cuban Coffee. 

how my friends describe me:

Even though I got attacked by bugs, Costa Rica.

my favorite place i’ve ever visited:

You will always find chapstick in my laundry.

One thing i’ll always be carrying around

Singing, you do not want to invite me to Karoke.

a talent I wish I had:

Painting. It's what brought me here today. 

one thing I wish I did more of:

My fluffy best friend,
Buddy George.

One thing I can’t live without:




















let's be

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