so… my dog 
is an influencer

I can almost hear what you’re thinking - “Oh, great, another crazy dog mom!” And well, guilty as charged. But let me tell you, managing my dog’s Instagram account has taught me a lot about social media that I never expected to learn. Not convinced? Let me explain..


I started this page after graduating college in 2017, naming it after one of my favorite childhood shows, Boy Meets World. Buddy, as a puppy in training, symbolized my own journey as an adult learning to navigate the real world. Before I found the confidence to put myself on camera, I used this page to learn about social strategy, capturing & writing content, & creating an engaged community.

 What can followers expect from our page? Witty, creative, and high-quality content, all delivered in Buddy’s unique brand voice, reflected in every caption and engagement.

I mean… why not a logo for my dog?